Granite and Marble Cleaner


          • Stone surfaces require proper care, and not just any cleaner will do. Sprayway Granite & Marble Cleaner is specifically made to clean and preserve the beauty of natural stone surfaces.
          • Many household cleaners can wear away protective stone sealers and put natural stone surfaces at risk of damage and stains. Sprayway Granite Cleaner is non-abrasive and specifically formulated to clean and maintain the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom countertops.
          • Many foods, liquids, and cosmetics contain ingredients that can affect the sealer and potentially damage the stone‚Äôs surface. Use Sprayway Granite Cleaner daily to remove soils, food spills, mouthwash, toothpaste, perfume, makeup – and more!
        • Spills happen. However, if left on stone countertops for an extended period of time, they can damage the sealer and stain the stone. Quickly remove as much of the spill as possible, then clean the area with Granite Cleaner.